Dr. Mauro Merli

Dr. Mauro Merli earned his degree cum laude in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna in 1986, and in 1989 specialized cum laude in Odontostomatology. He is an active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology (S.l.d.P), The Italian
Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry (A.l.O.P ) and of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery (EACMFS).

  • Dr. Merli held the position of Secretary of the Italian Society of Periodontology from
  • treasurer for the 1997-2001 four year term
  • vice-president from 2001-2003
  • President for the 2008-2009 two year term.

Author of the multimedial book ‘Implant Therapy: The Integrated Treatment Plan’ and several scientific articles, Dr. Merli lectures in National and International conferences and courses . Together with his brother Aldo and sister Monica, Dr. Merli runs a private practice founded by his father Mario, dedicating his clinical activity to treating complex cases from an interdisciplinary perspective.